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Since 1978, RGT Enterprises has worked hard to maintain an image as a highly reliable commercial roofing company with an emphasis on quality and service. We respond rapidly, whether you have an emergency, need some repair work done, or simply want a quote. Request a FREE quote by filling out our online form.

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With 40 years of experience, you know that your commercial roofing installation will be done efficiently and professionally by our staff of experienced installers.

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40 years' experience

Our team is highly skilled, well compensated, and receives good benefits which have resulted in personnel who have remained with us far longer than the industry standards.


The quality and efficiency with which they work mean that we can offer you exceptional pricing as well, since we are confident that every step will be done right the first time.


You will find that our equipment is spotlessly maintained because we are concerned with every aspect of our service.


Minimal disruption of your business or home life is essential and once we've cleaned up, you will never know we were there except for your new roof.


RGT Enterprises is willing to travel considerable distances to assist you. We have performed work all along the East Coast. We encourage you to contact us for your upcoming roofing needs.

Family-owned roofing company

RGT Enterprises is a family-owned roofing company that has been serving your commercial roofing needs for three generations since 1978.


We have more than satisfied hundreds of companies and commercial clients during that period.


RGT Enterprises was originally founded by Richard G. Thurston. His attention to detail, commitment to reliability, and determination to satisfy each client are now carried on by Christopher and Patrick Thurston. Contact Patrick today!